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Arribas Mocoroa, José and Díaz Molina, Margarita and Tortosa, A. (1996) Ambientes de sedimentación, procedencia y diagénesis de depósitos de ríos meandriformes desarrollados sobre playa-Iakes. Mioceno de la Cuenca de Loranca (provincias de Cuenca y Guadalajara). Cuadernos de geología ibérica (21). pp. 319-343. ISSN 0378-102X

Arribas Mocoroa, José and Bustillo Revuelta, María Ángeles and Díaz Molina, Margarita (2001) Chert in bioturbated sediments of Sabkha paleoenvironment. In Abstracts: Flint production and exchange in the Iberian Southeast, III Millennium B.C : VI International Flint Symposium, post-symposium field trip, OCtober 5th-10th,1991, Granada-Almería / by A. Ramos Millán ... [et al.]. Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Granada and Instituto Tecnológico y Geominero de España, Granada, pp. 29-33. ISBN 8433814370

Díaz Molina, Margarita and Kälin, Otto and Benito Moreno, María Isabel and López Martínez, Nieves and Vicens, Enric (2007) Depositional setting and early diagenesis of the dinosaur eggshell-bearing Aren Fm at Bastus, Late Campanian, south-central Pyrenees. Sedimentary geology, 199 (3-4). pp. 205-221. ISSN 0037-0738

Sanz , J.L. and Moratalla, J.J. and Díaz Molina, Margarita and López Martínez, Nieves and Kälin, Otto and Vianey-Liaud, M. (2002) Dinosaur nests at the sea shore. Nature -London, 376 . pp. 731-732. ISSN 0028-0836

Díaz Molina, Margarita and Arribas Mocoroa, José and Gómez Fernández, Juan José and Tortosa, A. (1995) Geological modelling of a reservoir analogue: Cenozoic meander belts, Loranca Basin, Spain. Petroleum geoscience, 1 . pp. 43-48. ISSN 1354-0793

Díaz Molina, Margarita and Arribas Mocoroa, José and Gómez Fernández, Juan José (1992) Geological modelling of ancient meander belts as potencial hydrocarbon reservoirs, Loranca Basin, Central Spain (F-17). In Technical programe and abstracts papers: (oral and poster presentations) : 4th Conference and Technical Exhibition, Paris, France, 1-5 June 19922 / European Association of Petroleum Geoscientists & Engineers. EAPG Business Office, Zeist, the Netherlands , p. 64.

Díez Canseco, Davinia and Buatois, Luis A. and Mángano, M. Gabriela and Díaz Molina, Margarita and Benito Moreno, María Isabel (2016) Ichnofauna from coastal meandering channel systems (Upper Cretaceous Tremp Formation, South-Central Pyrenees, Spain): delineating the fluvial-tidal transition. Journal of paleontology, 90 (2). pp. 250-268. ISSN 0022-3360

Arribas Mocoroa, María Eugenia and Doval, Mercedes and Díaz Molina, Margarita (1995) Petrological and mineralogical characterization of lutitic deposits in a fluvial dominated depositional system. Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene, Loranca Basin (Central Spain). Revista de la Sociedad Geológica de España, 8 (3). pp. 149-160. ISSN 0214-2708

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