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Arévalo López, Ángel M. y Castillo Martínez, Elizabeth y Alario Franco, Miguel Ángel (2008) Electron energy loss spectroscopy in ACrO3 (A = Ca, Sr and Pb) perovskites. Journal of Physics: Condensed Mater, 20 . p. 505207. ISSN 0953-8984

Gómez, R. y Marquina, V. y Arévalo López, Ángel M. y Pérez, J. L. y Ridaura, R. y Marquina, M.L. y Escamilla, R. y Akachi, T. (2006) Mössbauer study of the (Ru1-xFex)Sr2GdCu2O8-δ system and two of its possible impurities: SrRuO3 and Gd2CuO4. Hyperfine Interactions, 171 . pp. 293-303. ISSN 0304-3843

Castillo Martínez, Elizabeth y Schönleber, Andreas y Smaalen, Sander van y Arévalo López, Ángel M. y Alario Franco , Miguel Ángel (2008) Structure and microstructure of the high pressure synthesised misfit layer compound [Sr2O2][CrO2]1.85. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 181 . pp. 1840-1847. ISSN 0022-4596

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